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About us

For more than 14 years already „Stiklė“ is an equivalent to quality, style and modern femininity. This jewelry atelier is located in the oldtown of Klaipėda, yet the creations, born here are being recognized throughout the country. Substantial part of our jewelry is being bought by the people from the Baltic states as well as other European countries. Many people begin to admire the style of „Stiklė“ after they get to see our jewelry pieces in various international trade fairs.

The new era is accelerating and becoming more rapid, yet there are things that do not change.  The same jazzy city with a lot of diverse ideas, which lie down to four or five different collections of „Stiklė“ jewelry. The same handmade and thorough „meditation“, often taking hours and hours of work. For the outsider this process of creation might seem even romantic. In reality, this process is filled with precision as it takes a lot of consistent interest in the most recent fashion trends, understanding the different range of colors and working with them, adapting to the different needs of everyday lives and various celebrations.

Dashing youth, blooming individuality, mature elegance – all stages of our lives are beautiful and interesting, therefore, the work of „Stiklė“ is dedicated to women of various ages. However, all these women possess a mutual ability to value long-term esthetics, love for the beauty and life. Loving ourselves!

Our team of experienced craftsmen has an excellent understanding, that style has certain laws. Demanding and careful customers of today seek for functionality; therefore jewelry is created with having in mind the endurance, comfort and quality as the main priorities.

With the same mathematical precision as ten years ago, embodying the potential and challenges of a contemporary woman, continually renewing – that is “Stiklė“.